AMA & Associates is an integrated and independent firm, specialising in bookkeeping, accounts production, payroll, taxation, financial consultancy and management accounting.

Our Values



Thorough Planning, Integrity & Innovative Thinking are the qualities embedded in our business values. These are some of the reasons why you should work with AMA & Associates to meet your business needs. 

Thorough Planning

We value forward thinking attention to detail and planning. This ensures that we meet our clients' needs while maintaining high standards.                                               

Adding Value

We believe in translating our accounting and financial services knowldge into advice that will add value to your business and enable growth.                                                   

Business Integrity

Honesty and integrity are an important part of all our business dealings. Our values, policies and guides ensure that all our              employees adhere to our values.   

Detailed Reporting

We acknowledge that accurate detailed reporting is of paramount importance in the accounting & financial services sector and is                         key to our business' success.