Our Values

Our Values

Our Values & Mission

As an independent accounting and financial services provider, AMA & Associates looks after the accounting and financial affairs of individuals, families and businesses with the aim of meeting their needs to the highest standards. We aim to provide innovative yet pragmatic advice and solutions customised to your individual circumstances and needs.

We take time to get to know you and to understand your objectives, needs, values and goals, as well as the possible obstacles and constraints you are likely to face as an individual or business entity. We value all our clients and business partners regardless of whether you are an individual, family, small business or an established large business. We want to be a long-term partner with you with mutual benefits of achieving grow, as well as creating, managing and preserving wealth.

We offer a wide range of end-to-end services to meet your needs at every stage of your business growth. We are a provider of accountancy, tax and financial advisory services, and you can benefit from the following:

Joined-up advice on virtually any aspect of your financial affairs.

High-quality client service based on close professional relationships and significant partner and director involvement.

A-can-do attitude from a group of highly talented, dedicated individuals with broad skills and experience.